10+ Cool InDesign Scripts and Add-ons

As you know, scripts and add-ons can help you save time in InDesign by automating processes that you would otherwise have to complete by hand.

Whether it’s adding points to a path, creating a QR code, or adding a caption below each image in a document, if it’s a task or progress you need to complete over and over again in InDesign, chances are there’s a script or add-on for that!

A few cool things you can do in a snap with free scripts:

Want more scripts to make your use of InDesign faster and more effective? Erica Gamet is teaching a session all about cool scripts at the InDesign Conference, November 12-18, 2015 in Denver.

Featured Session:
Amazing Scripts and Add-ons for Every InDesign User

InDesign doesn’t exist in a vacuum! If you really want to be efficient, you need to take advantage of add-ons (plug-ins and scripts) that give you more functionality. Fortunately, there are dozens of useful scripts and plug-ins that are free and ready for you to use right now!

  • Scripts for importing and exporting PDFs
  • Batch converting files for ultimate efficiency
  • Adding amazing effects with virtually no effort
  • How to get the best deals on turning InDesign into the powerhouse you need

Learn about more free scripts in these InDesign Conference sessions:

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