Ferdinand Schworer

Ferdinand Schwörer

Ferdinand is the developer of MathTools, the only Equation Editor for Adobe InDesign and InCopy that is entirely based on InDesign’s type engine. Major scholarly, academic and STM publisher use MathTools, formerly known as InMath, for many years. He is the founder of movemen GmbH, specialised in InDesign Plug-In development and developer training. Ferdinand gave various technical presentations concerning InDesign and InDesign Server SDK.

About the company: movemen GmbH is the developer of MathTools, formerly also known as InMath, the only Equation Editor that is entirely based on the Adobe InDesign type engine. MathTools adds text based equation editing capabilities to InDesign to handle MathML, deal with native Word equations, and, to insert, edit and format equations right in the story. MathTools API is available for integrators. movemen also offers custom InDesign Plug-In development and individual in-depth training for InDesign SDK developers.

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