Keith Gilbert

Wednesday, 9:00 am – 4:30 pm

Adobe InDesign and Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) is one way to publish “content rich” interactive apps such as digital magazines to mobile devices. And Adobe’s radical new “DPS 2015” makes a good product even better.

But DPS isn’t the only game in town—and isn’t necessarily the best fit for everyone. In this session we will examine several market-leading InDesign-based app publishing solutions: DPS, App Studio, Aquafadas, In5, Mag+, and Twixl Publisher. You will see these products in operation, and learn:

  • How the same sample project would be built with each product
  • How to include interactivity in your InDesign files for these products
  • How the products are similar and how they differ in operation, features, limitations, and price
  • What type of project is the “sweet spot” for each product
  • Which marketplaces and devices each product supports
  • Case studies about actual apps that have been created with each product.