Ferdinand Schworer

Ferdinand Schwörer

Sponsored Breakfast Session

MathTools V3: Make composing math equations a breeze

Entirely based on InDesign’s powerful type engine, movemen MathTools adds text based equation editing capabilities to InDesign to handle MathML, deal with native Word equations, and, to insert, edit and format equations right in the story.
MathTools imports from Word (native and MathType), XML, IDML and exports to DPS, EPUB, HTML, XML and IDML. Integrators are welcome to use the MathTools API.

Join our breakfast session for a sneak peek of MathTools V3, the next major version of movemen’s Equation Editor for InDesign, and see how MathStylesheets makes composing equations consistently in InDesign a breeze. It’s never been easier to apply styling rules. Learn more about other new features like, for example, the new import for native Word equations.